The International Doll House

The International Doll House

This doll house is located in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. When I heard that there’s a doll house located in the area, I was a bit hesitant to check it since I’m afraid of them… well, porcelain dolls to be specific; they seem to creep me out. But curiosity got me and well we travelled this far, so whatever. I was already planning my escape route in case they come alive (big laugh there, HAHA!) and reasoned to myself that they probably won’t in broad daylight.

We arrived there a bit too early but the owners were kind enough to let us in and give an early tour. We had to climb 275 steps (a great place for exercise) to reach the little pink house.

And indeed, it’s almost full of all sorts of dolls. The owner’s brother, Sir Arnold, said that they were all auctioned dolls that his sister, Mrs. Ruelaine William, got from abroad. There were a lot of cute dolls (they still had dolls in their storage room which were still waiting to be displayed since the place couldn’t accommodate them anymore), teddy bears, clowns, barbies, a small number of cars and silverware collection. The fees (P20 for adults; P15 for youth; kids are for free!) are donated to around 20 orphanages and special kids in Bislig.

Here are a few photos of the place:


I love this!
Disney Princesses


Look at those chubby cheeks!
Ms. Barbie Universe


Hello Philippines, Mabuhay!



The Ocean View Park Restaurant

This is located just beside the doll house. Their resident chef and also the husband of Mrs. Ruelaine William, Mr. Werner, prepares delicious meals. It’s also quite affordable, too, and good for sharing.



I hope you will enjoy your visit there! Ta ta!

Happy Graduation!

Happy Graduation!

I’m actually going to miss the times where I frantically get my camera, phone or look through my past online albums to make my photography assignments. I had a blog in the past that I always failed to update and entirely forgot all about it entirely. Now, thanks to the encouragement of a couple of friends, Julie and Aki, I was able to create a new one. I really had fun in this class and I would definitely look out for classes similar to these to help me update my online write-ups.

So for now, ta-ta everyone!

-Culmination photography-

Triumph and Contrast

Triumph and Contrast

Stories can be created from this photo. It can be a symbol of seeing the positive side of a not-so-good situation. Sunshine slowly creeping in after a hard rain. A solution of a problem. Or just a wonderful realization that your loved ones are looking down on you when they are finally called home.

I like how the rays give off a calming effect to the viewer. I get excited when I see something like this that I think is an elegant display of nature. Nature really is a beauty.

-day 20 photography-

Two, too

Two, too

Two of everything. I like how the colors of the guitars are in contrast with the 2 shades of blue at the background. Making up a story for these two, it might be that they are waiting forĀ  two people to strum their strings or have been resting from a whole night’s concert.

Two is cool. Here are the others:

-day 19 photography-

Food, always an exciting subject

Food, always an exciting subject

OKAY. Enough about people and nature. This time, I’d like to try doing a post with another favorite subject of mine. FOOD! Albeit, I have a number of photos of flowers done in close-up shoots, I guess the food always wins, hands down. (big smile)

I am always interested in shooting close-ups with the details of the food I’m (or a friend’s) going to eat. You know the trend now that after we thank the Lord for the food set before us and then there’s all this commotion of having hands all over the food to take pictures of it? Well, that always happens with us (my friends: this kind of situation;with my family… well, it’s just me, then). But, I tend to be shy around other people, so I just do it discreetly, but equally excited to get clear (excuse the hands, pls.), decent, and great shots. Here are some of them:

Oh dear, now I AM hungry. whew…


-day 16 photography-